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Take the 2015 Walking Challenge: Walk the Canal and the Entire State

Princeton, March 5, 2015 For the fifth year in a row, the FreeWalkers of New Jersey are inviting everyone to join them on a 40-mile one-day journey by foot along the D&R Canal held this year on April 11th. This historical man-made waterway is one of central New Jersey's most popular recreational parks. The "Great Canal Walk" follows the main canal section from downtown Trenton through Lawrenceville and Princeton, as well as the charming villages of Kingston, Griggstown, Blackwells Mills and East Millstone, ending up in New Brunswick.

The D&R Canal was originally built across central New

Prep for the Great Canal Walk with the Spring Ahead Walk

The FreeWalkers recently announced the Spring Ahead Walk scheduled for Sunday, March 24, 2013 which is a 12 mile walk and a good practice distance for Great Canal Walk ( on April 6, 2013. This walk can help condition walkers for the future event and for planning resources and stops along the way, The 12 miles will take about 4 hours at a comfortable pace. This same segment is part of the D&R Canal route and can be applied to the Cross Jersey Challenge. Walkers partiipating will get a good feeling of the trail for the starting portion of 40-mile event as well as test their

Towing A Message: Walk a Towpath for Health and Fun

PRINCETON, NJ - In the early 1800’s, before there were railroads, a network of 1,000 miles of canals moved people and goods which helped build our vibrant northeast. Canals were built nearby with a towpath to enable horses to slowly draw canal boats and barges carrying coal from Pennsylvania to the booming metropolitan areas in New Jersey and New York. Now, plenty of people move themselves faster over these natural highways as pedestrians, runners, equestrians, and bicyclists.

Locally, thanks goes to conservation efforts and the New Jersey State Park System, the Delaware & Raritan Canal

Join a Great Walk Along the Great D&R Canal on April 7, 2012

 Starting from the Delaware River, trace the footsteps of this 175 year old waterway and transportation system across Central New Jersey - from Trenton to New Brunswick. The Great Canal Walk is a forty-mile, one-day long distance event that is a superb physical and mental challenge and the first event in a series of walking events aiming to walk across New Jersey following the East Coast Greenway.

Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park is one of central New Jersey's most popular recreational corridors for canoeing, jogging, hiking, bicycling, fishing and horseback riding.

Updated! Lighting Up the Trail

on Mon, 02/20/2012 - 23:23

As the day grows long and the sun sets daylight will diminish and it gets dark a little after 7:00pm assuming good weather. That leaves almost 2 hours of walking and most of the walk was on the canal towpath. The towpath, in the final 10 or so miles, runs parallel to well-traveled roads but is still physically isolated with the canal separating the towpath from the mainland. So, walking can continue for several miles without the ability to cross over, it's oddly dark and isolated, yet very close to commercial areas such as Easton Avenue.

The main point for walkers that expect to make this