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Geat Canal Walk Practice Walks Scheduled for March

The FreeWalkers recently announced two practice walks this month in anticipation of the Great Canal Walk ( on April 9, 2011. Practice walks are informal group walks used to prepare the group for longer, more challenging events. The walks serve the purpose of conditioning walkers for the future event and for planning resources and stops along the way, The first practice walk is scheduled for Sunday, March 20th starting in Trenton and ending in Princeton will be about 12 miles and taake about 4 hours at a comfortable pace.. The second, goes from Princeton to Bound Brook and is a 16 to 20 mile trek taking up to 6 hours. Walkers partiipating int he practice walks will get a good feeling of the trail for the final 40-mile event as well as test their endurance.

All FreeWalker events are free and open to the public. Miles walked during practice walks also count for the Cross-Jersey 100-miles 2011 Challenge.

Sign up for the walks here:

Practice Walk #1 - Trenton to Princeton - March 20, 2011 - Sign-up

Practice Walk #1 - Trenton to Princeton - March 20, 2011 - Sign-up