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Updated! Lighting Up the Trail

on Mon, 02/20/2012 - 23:23

As the day grows long and the sun sets daylight will diminish and it gets dark a little after 7:00pm assuming good weather. That leaves almost 2 hours of walking and most of the walk was on the canal towpath. The towpath, in the final 10 or so miles, runs parallel to well-traveled roads but is still physically isolated with the canal separating the towpath from the mainland. So, walking can continue for several miles without the ability to cross over, it's oddly dark and isolated, yet very close to commercial areas such as Easton Avenue.

The main point for walkers that expect to make this final leg, or be anywhere on the canal towpath after 7:30, is to be careful walking and carry a flashlight and/or headlamp to be able to see where you are going. Also, we strongly suggest you latch on to a buddy to walk with for your own peace of mind. Basically, we've found that initial experience of walking the towpath in the dark is a bit unnerving initially, but is easy to adjust to in time. Still, be careful and consider other alternatives if you are hesitant about this. It is not necessary that you walk the towpath to complete the walk. Just choose a safe and comfortable route that takes you to our final destination. Or, if you'd rather not walk this area our support car can arrange to take you into New Brunswick for your final destination.

For any further details on this contact Paul Kiczek 973-214-1811 or Mike Kruimer 732-586-3981 provide questions and feedback to